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Social, economic and cultural changes are natural evolution processes that impact the pattern of urban development. These changes offer opportunities for creative adaptations of land for new uses. Planning is the instrument that guides this process by formalizing a vision that can be shared by both public and private interests.

At the Arsh Group, our specialists often take the lead in physical and environmental resetting of our clients' communities. We consider cultural assets, social traditions, economic opportunities and the natural environment as we assist our clients to frame their vision. Increasingly, the new technologies enable us to involve people in such issues as urban growth and reinvestment, restoring mixed uses, and finding ideas that can build a community.

Our Approach
We aim to develop environments which foster viable communities, promotes variation and diversity, and encourage social and ecological well being. The value of the Arsh Group Planning lies in our ability to establish the connections that create meaningful identity and develops a sense of place.
Planning Services
Comprehensive and General Plans
Town Centers and Downtown Plans
New Towns and Master Planned Communities
Historic District Plans
Strategic Development Frameworks
Sub-Area Plans and Specific Area Plans
Policy Plans and Programs
Transit-Oriented Development Plans (TOD)
Waterfront Master Plans
Architectural Design Standards
Redevelopment Districts and Revitalization Plans
Growth Management Plans
Traditional Neighborhood Design
Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plans
Community Participation
Housing and Consolidated Plans
Municipal Staffing and Technical Services
Zoning and Ordinance Drafting